Global Thought Leaders

Who comes to mind when we think of Global Thought Leaders?

Albert Einstein. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. They need no introduction. They come from different backgrounds. But they had some things in common.

They lead by example. They think globally. And they’re not bashful about taking risks.

As Global Thought Leaders in Business Architecture, we promise to lead by example, think globally, and take calculated risks.

What is our measure of success? Just like those who have gone before us, it’s nothing less than changing the world. We shift paradigms. To what end? To make this world a much better place to live in.

Go ahead, join us and lead the way!

Meet the Board

We’re open for business! And you’re our number one customer. Just like you, we are global thought leaders in business architecture. Some of us are probably just starting out and some are farther ahead in this journey. What’s important is that we’re in this together. So, go ahead and make this Society your own. Participate and volunteer as much as you can. Do good while doing well.

Andrew Guitarte

Founding Chairman

Enterprise Business Architect at Wells Fargo Bank

Michael Poulin

Board Member

Consultant & Author

Atul Bhatt

President / CEO

Enterprise Architect at Wells Fargo Bank

Kirill Derevenski

Board Member

Consultant & Author

Ralph Whittle

Board Member

Consultant & Author